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Fades in Hialeah

Fades have enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years, allowing men of all ages to enjoy a practical haircut while remaining at the cutting-edge of fashion. Get yours done by the experts at County of Fade Barber Shop, Inc.!

Fades, Tapers and Blends

It’s easy to confuse fades, tapers and blends, so to help you explain what you want to your barber, County of Fade Barber Shop, Inc. will give you a crash course in the differences.

Tapers are haircuts that gradually change from one length to another. Usually, your barber will leave the top longer, and gradually cut more length and thickness as he goes lower. A fade is essentially the same thing, but your hair ends up disappearing into your skin. Basically, all fades are tapers, but not all tapers are fades. That’s why there’s no such thing as a taper-fade.

Blends are basically tapers that leave enough length at the bottom to still be styled. The most popular version of this type of haircut is a mullet. To learn more, read on, or stop by our shop and ask our barbers themselves.

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Popular Fades

So, you now know your fade from your taper, but that still doesn’t answer the whole question. Fades are incredibly versatile; so how can you decide which one you like best without tons of experimentation?

Fades are divided into 3 types: low, mid and high. As you can imagine, these describe how high each one goes on your head. Low fades generally start at the temple and drop down behind your ear and neckline. High fades start very close to the crown, and mid fades are somewhere in between.

Get in touch with the master barbers at County of Fade Barber Shop, Inc. to discuss which type will suit your face and style best, then let us dazzle you with our skills.

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